Built on extensive IT and mobility experience

Consultancy and support

Mobility is opportunity. For that reason, Mobilae aims to contribute to an accessible, inclusive, affordable and efficient mobility system for all citizens. We leverage our knowledge and expertise through written reports and face-to-face consultancy, in order to accelerate the Mobility as a Service paradigm and realize its effective solutions for a better world.

Training and presentations

For many of our clients, Mobility as a Service is little more than an abstract potential looming on the horizon. For Mobilae, it's our bread and butter. Rather than approaching MaaS purely from a technical, commercial, or policy perspective, Mobilae offers a multidisciplinary approach that helps clients understand all the considerations at play. We love to share our vision and expertise - don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like us to speak or present for your organization.


Nobody can change the world all alone. And mobility is everyone's business: governments, businesses, citizens and other non-commercial stakeholders must work together to realize a system in which all their interests are fairly and equally represented. Mobilae leverages its network in the world of mobility to bring parties together and facilitate true innovation that benefits all.

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